About Simms Ink
Simms Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio

     Simms is the largest tattoo shop in the Bay Area. We are modern, unique and comfortable & we have a very friendly and inviting atmosphere.

     We are a clean and professional, every artist has a private room that they work in.  We have 7 very talented and diverse artists, and because we have so many artists we can provide you with individualized attention for the piece that you’re interested in getting.

     We also have a very skilled Piercer.  We pride ourselves in being a custom tattoo shop, every piece we do is made to fit your life and your body.  When you leave our shop we want you to be happy with your custom piece of living art or body modification.

Simms Ink Hayward

Simms Ink Hayward, California

Simms Ink Napa

Simms Ink Napa, California