Annual Halloween Party!

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Pre- Sale tickets are available at the Shop for half of the price at the door.

Please Call us if you have any questions! 510-583-7346

New Tattoos!

Tattoo by Leo
253262_10151871925582732_389425928_n Tattoo by Ben V.
946103_10201193609867688_2046199234_n Tattoo by Ronnie1426264_10151871921077732_617148793_n Tattoo by Jen1451461_10151887813807732_1474637270_n Tattoo by Jen1456517_10151871924252732_1969070432_n Tattoo by Ronnie1458554_10151874923257732_1361784688_n Tattoo by Rick1458636_10201187520995470_1234876781_n Freehand by Chris (Perk)1459344_10151871922402732_1251236659_n