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New Tattoos!

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Guest Artist Jason Blanton



COME ONE COME ALL!! I’m doing a guest spot at the World Famous SIMMS INK in Hayward California. Here’s some details to get tattooed by me:


September 4 – 19


Jason takes on a very limited number of clients, averaging one a day. If you would like to get tattooed, please email a detailed message, with contact info, and a brief description of the tattoo ideas you would like to get. I will have him contact you as soon as possible.


Jason’s rate is $150 an hour with a 2 hour session minimum. He is offering a special of buy 3 hours and get the fourth one free. Large multi-sitting work, is available while he is here.


Customers are required to leave a $150 non-refundable deposit on any new projects which will be applied towards the final session.

Please call the Shop 510-583-7346 for Appointment availability.